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Why Filipino VAs?

It's no surprise Filipino Virtual Assistants are highly rated among the Property Investors Community


To remain competitive, companies now need to open their businesses to the world, not just in terms of market reach or even supplies & manufacturing, but also in terms of skilled talent:

For a couple of decades now, Business Process Outsourcing to the Philippines has proven to be successful for a number of businesses across the world, including the United Kingdom. The following are the top reasons why UK companies of all sizes outsource business processes to the Philippines:


Filipino VAs are young, highly skilled in IT and easy to train and upskill


Filipinos are confident at exploring new IT skills and often are self-taught in a variety of platforms and software.


Culturally Filipinos are very friendly and pleasant to work with


There are no language barriers with Filipinos speaking English alongside multiple Filipino languages.


Filipinos are hard working, highly motivated and strongly loyal to their clients


Filipino talent offer fantastic cost-savings for businesses

What can property VAs do?

Here are typical tasks that property investors delegate to virtual assistants

Property VA Virtual Assistant Assistance


Tenant & Guest Communications

Filing and Organisation
Diary Management
Inbox/Email Management
Data Entry & Data Scraping
Online Research
Report Preparation
Webinar Assistance
Systems documentation & creation
FAQ Message Template creation

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Social Media

Content Creation

Profile Management

Audience Engagement

Video, Slides & Reels

Podcast Management
Content Scheduling
Post party engagement
Commenting and replies
Inbound query management

Core Content

Testimonial Curation

Property VA Virtual Assistant Assistance Services Filipino VAs.png

Lead Generation

Off-Market Pipeline Building

Private Investor Database

DTV Letter Campaigns

Investment area research
First stage due diligence &
investment calculations

Goldmine Area Research

Investment Packs & Presentations

Developer's CV

CRM & Pipeline management

Our Services & Packages

We offer our clients 3 Levels of Services:

A Do-It-Yourself Option using our Tried and Tested VA Hiring and Delegating Downloads, a Recruitment Only option, and finally a Fully Managed DFY service.

Work Desk

DIY VA Roadmap

From £97

Complete Step-by-Step instruction + full template downloads to recruit, hire, train and onboard a VA.


Recruitment Only

From £399

Job advert campaign, Interviewing, Background Checks and Salary Negotiation.

Typing on a Laptop

Fully Managed VA

From £599

A Hands-Free approach to systemise and scale your business through a fully managed VA service.

Comparison Chart


From £97


From £199 / mo


Using Filipino VAs for Property Sourcing / Finding Property Deals



We are delegation experts.

The Property VA has successfully helped over 50+ companies since 2020 with finding, working and growing their business with the help of property virtual assistants. We support property investors create delegation systems that helps them do more and achieve more in property, all while ensuring their VAs remain happy and motivated to support their clients in achieving their goals in their property business. 

we give Specialist support for
Property Investors

Office Night Shift

Why work with
 The Property VA 

Four reasons why working with The Property VA will give you the confidence with your goal of recruiting and integrating a Virtual Business Support team to complement your office-based staff:

1. connection & Access

We don't just partner with an overseas agent who sources talent for us. We ARE both the local and overseas in-house team. Our founders are both British and Philippine nationals who have connection and access to a pool of IT skilled and talented virtual assistants who have been checked, vetted and trained ready to work for your business.

2. we bridge two worlds

We like to think our SUPER POWER that your business can benefit from is our home grown connection between the UK and the Philippines. We bridge 2 worlds, 2 languages, 2 cultures and 2 industries while remaining LOCAL so that you only ever have to deal with a UK based business.

3. Guided Onboarding

The last thing your branch needs when changing into a hybrid office model is a messy start. We promise our clients a stress-free guided onboarding for a seamless integration to the business's existing operations. We will work with your office managers to plan and execute a smooth and orderly running start for the virtual team members.

4. By Your Side

Unlike recruitment agencies that disappear after the new staff starts their role, we've only just started our service with you. We promise to stay with you for the life of our virtual assistants being part of your business. We believe the key in maintaing a successful service and outstanding delivery is our commitment to always be by our clients side.

What our Clients Say

"My VA Gemma has added value to my business because she's able to take on the mounting volume of tasks and complete them for me to a very high standard. The onboarding was absolutely first class!" - Murray Wilkinson


Murray Wilkinson

Andy Gwynn

Manny Agalamanyi

What our VAs Say

"Cristina of The Property VA has provided me with the tools and support that I need to provide the best support to my client." - VA Rachel Santos

Edith Cervantes

Joanna Go Reyes

Din Esclamado

The Philippines:
A Personal connection

While some UK based Virtual Assistant agencies and outsourcing companies have a BUSINESS connection with the Philippines, the founders of The Property VA have cultural backgrounds and connections with the Philippines.

Now based in the UK as Filipino entrepreneurs for the last 20 odd years, nonetheless the culture, language and social connections still remain. We know how to successfully bridge UK real estate companies with highly skilled inexpensive talent in the Philippines, and we extend this access to our treasured clients in the UK.

Who We Are

All our team at The Property VA are proud to have cultural origins from the Philippines where the property virtual assistants are recruited from.

We don't just know where to find great Filipino VAs, we speak their language and live their culture, too. 

filipino va guides

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  • Property Tasks to Delegate to your VA

  • Paying Your VA

  • One Page VA Recruitment Checklist

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