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Before you hire a VA


Be clear about what help you need in running a property business.


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Outsourcing Checklist


Understand that VAs cannot and should NOT do everything for you in your business. 


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What to outsource to a VA


Unless you have systems in place, working with a VA will simply create a new JOB for you that will simply take up your time

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Systemisation in Three Steps


How we can help

Step 01.

We will map out an outsourcing strategy for you to help you prioritise and tackle your most pressing business tasks first, then plan out when to work on other areas in your business

Step 02.

We will build a systemised collaboration workspace for you to facilitate working with a VA and keep things as hands-free as possible.

Step 03.

Finally we will help you build a team of property VAs, yes a TEAM.

Find our more about building your Power Team of VAs in the next section: Why work with a team of VAs

Office Group Discussion
  • Onboarding

  • Systems creation

  • Task delegation

  • International payments

  • Recruitment

  • Interviewing

  • Background checks

  • Training

Why work with a TEAM
of Property VAs?

01. Compartmentalised Tasks

We believe that working with a team of VAs with distinct roles and compartmentalised tasks offers the best outsourcing solution for the property investor and avoids:

  • Tasks frequently unattended

  • VA overwhelm

  • High turn-over of VA replacement

  • Over dependence of one VA

  • Expensive multiple hiring of separate VAs

02. Inefficient traditional outsourcing

In addition, the multi-VA service will also eliminate the need for the following processes that take up time and resources from the business owner when hiring a virtual assistant


Is it going to cost more to hire a team?

The short answer is no. Here's why:

01. Compartmentalised roles help you outsource in stages

We will build your team with only the VAs that your business needs right now. VA roles start from £150 a month, which is far less than paying for part time VAs charging at £200-£250 a month.

02. It would cost you more to hire several VAs separately

To illustrate, we can build a team of the following VA roles to look after different aspects in your business:

  • Admin

  • Sourcing and Acquisitions

  • Content

Using TPVA's Multi-VA team, the 3 VA team above will cost a business owner £550 a month.

Hiring 3 VAs separately, it would cost the same business owner £750 a month in VA salaries and fees.

See below for more information on VA fees and salaries.


Services & Prices

At The Property VA we believe that not everything can and should be outsourced to a VA. 


So we have identified the following areas of business tasks as ideal for outsourcing to virtual assistants:


To carry out admin tasks and record management.


For lead generation and pipeline building.


For DFY (Done For You) daily social media content creation and scheduling.

BOOKKEEPING: £75/month

For invoicing, transactions and financial reporting.


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Who we work with:

Property Coaches

We work with property investors

  • who understand VAs can't and shouldn't do everything

  • who are open to guidance on how to work smartly with VAs

  • who would benefit from having systems created for them

  • who would benefit from working with a team of VAs instead of running down just one VA.


Who is
The Property VA?

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  • TPVA is run by Cristina Osborne, a property investor, DTV marketing specialist and land acquisitions investor

  • Cristina Osborne is also originally from the Philippines

  • Understanding both the world of property and the landscape of working with Filipinos, she is best placed to bridge both networks with a unique outsourcing platform for property investors.