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Before you hire a VA


Be clear about what help you need in running a property business.


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Outsourcing Checklist


Understand that VAs cannot and should NOT do everything for you in your business. 


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What to outsource to a VA


Unless you have systems in place, working with a VA will simply create a new JOB for you that will take up your time

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Systemisation in Three Steps


Hiring a Filipino VA? 

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Cultural Perspective Guide

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VAs Don't Solve Anything

VAs are NOT the solution.

VAs are the solution OPERATORS.

That is a world of difference in mindset when leveraging virtual assistants to help you achieve more in property.

Let us show you how.

Office Group Discussion

Working with Filipino VAs

Filipino VAs have a lot going for them:

They are helpful, friendly, industrious, uncomplaining and eager to learn and take on a lot of tasks for your business at an incredibly affordable rate for small business owners.

However, Filipino VAs comes with some cultural challenges:

They are not assertive and therefore do not communicate to their clients when they need help or guidance, or if they have too much tasks on their plate.

This can often mean:

  • Mistakes frequently happen

  • Tasks frequently unattended

  • VA gets overwhelmed

  • High turn-over of VA replacement

  • Over dependence of one VAstant

The Property VA is run by a Filipino Property Investor

We don't just train our VAs with values that match UK property investors, but we train our VAs with specific skills that overcome the typical cultural and working behaviour issues that comes with Filipino VAs.


Services & Prices

At The Property VA we believe that not everything can and should be outsourced to a VA. 


So we have identified the following areas of business tasks as ideal for outsourcing to virtual assistants:


To carry out admin tasks and record management.


For lead generation and finding off-market property deals.


For managing the growth, engagement and running of the various social media profiles of your business.


For invoicing, transactions, cashflow and financial reporting.


Monthly VA salaries range from £250 - £550

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Property Coaches

Who we work with:

We work with property investors

  • who understand VAs can't and shouldn't do everything

  • who are open to guidance on how to work smartly with VAs

  • who would benefit from having systems created for them

  • who would benefit from working with a team of VAs instead of running down just one VA.


Who is
The Property VA?

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  • TPVA is run by Cristina Osborne, a property investor, DTV marketing specialist and land acquisitions investor

  • Cristina Osborne is also originally from the Philippines

  • Understanding both the world of property and the landscape of working with Filipinos, she is best placed to bridge both networks with a unique outsourcing platform for property investors.