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The best way to find a DREAM VA is to be a DREAM CLIENT. We'll show you how to get your business ready to hire and work with a VA.

Our Services & Packages

We offer our clients 3 Levels of Services:

A Do-It-Yourself Option using our Tried and Tested VA Hiring and Delegating Downloads, a Recruitment Only option, and finally a Fully Managed DFY service.

Work Desk

DIY VA Checklist

FREE Download

Complete Step-by-Step instruction + full template downloads to recruit, hire, train and onboard a VA.


Recruitment Only

From £399

Job advert campaign, Interviewing, Background Checks and Salary Negotiation.

Typing on a Laptop

Fully Managed VA

From £599

A Hands-Free approach to systemise and scale your business through a fully managed VA service.

Comparison Chart

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FREE Download

One Off Fee: £399

From £199 / mo

DIY VA Downloads

Choose from a standalone VA Roadmap or add the Full Template Download:


What's included: Step by Step Instructions for: Pre-Recruitment, Recruitment using Free / Paid LinkedIn Tools, Hiring the VA, Onboarding the VA, Training the VA, Daily VA Management, Troubleshooting, Dismissal.



What's included: Service Contract Agreement, Procedure Manual, Company Policy Manual, Online Application Form, Interview & Criteria Grading Sheet, VA Onboarding Checklist, VA Access Document, VA Performance Monitoring Sheet


Free VA Checklist

Download the FREE VA Hiring Checklist to get started when you subscribe to our mailing list:

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Recruitment Only Service

We save you the time, uncertainty and stress of finding great VAs for your company.

Leverage our Time, Expertise and connections

Our customers save themselves the cost of time, stress and unfamiliarity and uncertainty of searching for, recruiting, interviewing and pre-selecting skilled and experienced virtual assistants from the Philippines themselves.

IMPORTANT: This service is available only for General Admin, Data Scraping, Social Media and Bookkeeping VAs. This service is not available for pre-trained VAs to carry out specialist property tasks such as Serviced Accommodation and HMO administration. Client is responsible for selecting the successful candidate from the interviewed candidates.


Terms of payment: Non-refundable £99 payable to set up the recruitment and £300 payable only on selection of the successful candidate. If selecting more than 1 candidate, the additional candidates will be charged at £150 each.

We will contact you within 24 Hours with a Client Fact Find to start the recruitment.

The Property VA Filipino Virtual Assistants Administration Admin Administrative Assistance

Fully Managed

VA Service

We will take care of everything from creating systems for the tasks you need delegating to the VA, to recruiting the right candidate, onboarding and fully training the VA for a hands-free and fully managed VA service. 

How much does the service cost?

Recruitment and Systemisation fees: £599

Monthly management fees: £199 (payment starts when VA starts work)

Minimum contract: 6 months

Why Choose a Fully Managed VA Service

Leverage our time, expertise and connections: Our customers save themselves the cost of time, stress and unfamiliarity and uncertainty of searching for, recruiting, interviewing and onboarding virtual assistants from the Philippines themselves.

Replacement Guarantee: We thoroughly vet and train our virtual assistants to ensure they meet the highest standards of professionalism and competence. When you work with us, you can trust that you're getting a qualified and experienced professional. Should the VA need to be replaced, we will replace the VA in less than a week for free.

Scalability: We undertake the work of creating procedures manual and SOPs and systems for the tasks you need to delegate to the VA.

Training: For our property tasks clients, our VAs are trained with the tools and skills set they need to perform the delegated tasks with minimal downtime and involvement from their clients. We save our clients taking on a secondary job of training and managing their VAs.

Fully Hands-Free Independent VA: We ensure that the procedures manual and systems we create for our clients enable the VA to work independently.

Management: We handle all aspects of HR, payroll, and administrative tasks, saving you time and effort. You can focus on your core business while we manage the administrative details.

Customer Support: We provide ongoing customer support to address any issues or questions you may have with your VA’s performance and productivity. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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