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The Property VA Virtual Assistant Assistance Services Filipino VAs.png

10 Hour Power Team

  • Property administration 

  • Social media management 

  • property acquisitions 

  • ad hoc task team 


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What is The Property VA's

10 Hour Power Team

The Property VA's 10 Hour Power Team are trained Filipino VAs who will look after your property business billing just 10 hours a week  to help you free up your time to do more high-value tasks in your business while keeping outsourcing costs low. Choose from the following teams:

 Portfolio Administration 

 Social Media Management 

 Property Acquisitions 

Why 10 hours?

The KEY is Efficiency. 10 hours is enough when you:

... Focus on leveraging systems rather than cheap VA labour

... Understand the risk overloading one VA with a multiple roles

... Delegate in stages and focus resources on select business goals

... Scale with concerted teams that focus on delivery

10 hours of focused delegation a week Will achieve more than 40 Hours of full time inefficiency.

pick & choose your power team




Monthly Recurring Salary

Social Media



Monthly Recurring Salary




Monthly Recurring Salary

Ad Hoc Tasks Delegation



Non-Recurring 10 Hour Credit


Task focused VA Power Teams that come systems and strategy ready to help you run your property business on a day to day basis. No recruitment required. Stress-free onboarding process to guide client-VA working relationship.

Property VA Virtual Assistant Assistance Services Filipino VAs.png

Portfolio Administration

Tenant, guest, supplier, trades response team

Weekly rent checks and financial health

Ad hoc tasks and General Admin VA tasks

Weekend service included if required

Property VA Virtual Assistant Assistance Services Filipino VAs.png

Social Media Team

DFY Content Creation

Social Media profiles management & engagement

Min 1 x client submission per month for raw content

Content prompts and engagement question library

Property VA Virtual Assistant Assistance Services Filipino VAs.png

Property Acquisitions

DTV Lead generation and Off-market pipeline building

FB, Google and other paid ads campaign manager

Qualified leads Money back guarantee*

Minimum 6 month commitment and £5k ad budget spend


+ VAT / Month Salary

No Min Contract


+ VAT / Month Salary

No Min Contract


+ VAT / Month Salary

No Min Contract

We are delegation experts.

The Property VA has successfully helped over 50+ companies since 2020 with finding, working and growing their business with the help of property virtual assistants. We support property investors create delegation systems that helps them do more and achieve more in property, all while ensuring their VAs remain happy and motivated to support their clients in achieving their goals in their property business. 

Specialist support for Property Investors

Office Night Shift

Why work with
 The Property VA 

Four reasons why working with The Property VA will give you the confidence with your goal of recruiting and integrating a Virtual Business Support team to complement your office-based staff:

1. connection & Access

We don't just partner with an overseas agent who sources talent for us. We ARE both the local and overseas in-house team. Our founders are both British and Philippine nationals who have connection and access to a pool of IT skilled and talented virtual assistants who have been checked, vetted and trained ready to work for your business.

2. we bridge two worlds

We like to think our SUPER POWER that your business can benefit from is our home grown connection between the UK and the Philippines. We bridge 2 worlds, 2 languages, 2 cultures and 2 industries while remaining LOCAL so that you only ever have to deal with a UK based business.

3. Guided Onboarding

The last thing your branch needs when changing into a hybrid office model is a messy start. We promise our clients a stress-free guided onboarding for a seamless integration to the business's existing operations. We will work with your office managers to plan and execute a smooth and orderly running start for the virtual team members.

4. By Your Side

Unlike recruitment agencies that disappear after the new staff starts their role, we've only just started our service with you. We promise to stay with you for the life of our virtual assistants being part of your business. We believe the key in maintaing a successful service and outstanding delivery is our commitment to always be by our clients side.

What our Clients Say

"I wanted to give testimony to Cristina Osborne for finding us the most amazing virtual assistant. It's changed my life in just a few weeks. Should've done it a few years ago. If you are doing anything less than whatever price you want to charge an hourly rate for then you should be delegating it out. Speak to Cristina, she manages the process, she sources the VAs. It's leveraged so much of my time. Not only that, I'm achieving stuff I wasn't achieving before in my business. It's just a no-brainer."

Andy Gwynn, Business Owner & Property Investor

The Property VA Filipino Virtual Assistants Administration Admin Administrative Assistance

Murray Wilkinson

Andy Gwynn

Manny Agalamanyi

Client Testimonal

What our VAs Say

"On a daily basis I manage administrative tasks for the service accommodation properties of my clients. Whenever I have a technical question Cristina is always there to assist me." - Joanna Go Reyes

Virtual assistant business support Testimonial The Property VA.png

Edith Cervantes

Joanna Go Reyes

Din Esclamado

Deciding what not to do
is as important as deciding what to do.

Steve Jobs

Why Build a 10 Hour Power Team?

A task and goal focused POWER TEAM will save your business from wasting TIME, EFFORT & MONEY

Too often the TYPICAL property investor will delegate everything to ONE virtual assistant. This will only lead to overwhelm, frustration and over-dependence on the VA - a risky combination that could leave a business owner in distress if the VA quits due to being overworked and unsupported.

We know that virtual assistants work best in an optimised environment with systems and a focused goal. We can help you build a power team to help you achieve more in property!

Delegating Tasks to VAs


A Focused Power Team

Multi-Role Admin VA

  • No recruitment process

  • Tasks are carried out efficiently

  • VA hours billed are maximised

  • Saves £100s / month

  • Less downtime for training

  • VA working with little or no supervision

  • Time freed up to pursue opportunities

  • Business depends on systems, not VAs

  • VAs focus on singular tasks and goals

  • Build your team in stages as you grow

  • Need to recruit, interview several applicants

  • No standard processes (SOPs)= inefficiency

  • Extra VA hours billed for inefficiency

  • Larger VA hours clocked in = higher bills

  • No SOPs = constantly provide training

  • VA will constantly need supervising

  • Time tied up managing VA

  • Business depends on VA who can leave

  • Overstretched, overwhelmed = VA quitting

  • New VA = Business will start from zero

How does it work?

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Imagine A VA Who onboards YOU

You will NOT find a virtual assistant out there who will have an onboarding agenda prepared for you, the client. Not here, not with The Property VA.

Experience VAs Differently.

The Property VA Filipino Virtual Assistants Administration Admin Administrative Assistance

10 Hour Power Team

£350 / month


Portfolio Administration

  • 10 Hours allocated per week

  • Monday to Sunday

  • Admin Assistant + Bookkeeping Tandem

  • 2x Daily task response

    • Tenant management

    • Guest customer service​

    • Repairs & incidents response team

  • Systems in place ready for SOP creation

  • Template library management

  • Weekly rent checks and cashflow / financial reports


Success requires
a series of
task completion.


Using Filipino VAs for Property Sourcing / Finding Property Deals

what a power team
can do


You need competent VAs who you do not need to manage at a reasonable cost today!

You do not have time to train or create systems to be able to hire and work with VAs.

You have no idea how to find or work with virtual assistants from the Philippines.

You have had a disappointing experience working with VAs before.

You have had disappointing results finding DTV off-market property deals.

You know you need to be more consistent with posting on social media to gain traction with potential investors who needs to know, trust and like you to invest in your projects.

Transform your business with Property VAs

Get your Power team Today!

The Property VA Filipino Virtual Assistants Administration Admin Administrative Assistance


Property VAs

We have virtual assistants trained to carry out specific tasks in the following areas:

  • Portfolio Administration

    • Filing and documentation​

    • Inbound query response

    • Tenant and guest customer support

    • Weekly rent and financial health checks

    • Ad hoc administrative tasks

  • Social Media Content Creation and Management

    • Content creation, posting and scheduling​

    • SM Profile optimisation

    • Target audience building and engagement

  • Property Acquisitions

    • Goldmine area research​

    • Deal due diligence calculation

    • Pipeline building

    • Ad campaigns management

    • Landing page / website creation

    • First stage potential site data scraping

The Property VA Filipino Virtual Assistants Administration Admin Administrative Assistance
The Property VA Virtual Assistant Assistance Services Filipino VAs.png

10 Hour Power Team

Just 10hr / week
to run & Grow
Your Property

Property VA Services cover

  • Portfolio Administration

  • Social Media

  • Property Acquisitions

get an extra 2 weeks
sign up today and get 14 days free

Thanks for submitting!

10 Hour Power Team Service


  • This is a monthly recurring service. Payment needs to clear 7 days before service begins and must clear 7 days before the next months' service starts.

  • Client has 10 hours of remote business support allocated per week with the following distribution:

    • 9 hours for admin business support​

    • 1 hour for bookkeeping VA support

  • During the onboarding and set up, TPVA will assist the client in designing

    • A routine SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for recurring tasks

    • An ad hoc SOP for non-recurring tasks

    • A weekly bookkeeping SOP

  • Client is responsible for subscription payments to third party services and platforms such as Channel Management Software and Landlord management software.


  • This is a monthly recurring service. Payment needs to clear 7 days before service begins and must clear 7 days before the next months' service starts.

  • Client must provide clear branding guidelines

  • Client's minimum commitment is to submit 1x raw content submission a month typically in VIDEO form from which the VA will extract content from

  • Client is free to utilise the provided content and brainstorming prompts to help with raw content submission

  • Client may also forward any topic, content, blog post, etc in addition to the video content submission

  • VA to create content by extracting from client's raw submission and other forwarded instructions

  • VA may recycle some content to help build consistency of client's messaging through repetition and recognition / memorability

  • Content may include: graphic posts, slides, carousels, reels, stories, videoclips, article extracts.

  • Content will NOT include: long form copy, blogs, articles, podcasts, full length videos and specialist video editing, animation.

  • VA to submit content to client weekly for approval

  • VA to schedule posting as per client's preference of time and frequency

  • Client is responsible for 3rd party subscriptions and platforms if required

  • Post party engagement, if required, must not finish later 4pm UK time to respect the VA's time zone.

  • Content created by the VA will remain the property of the client.

  • The Property VA may use the content created for the client for purposes of showcasing a portfolio of works.


  • This is a monthly recurring service. Payment needs to clear 7 days before service begins and must clear 7 days before the next months' service starts.

  • FREE website creation does not include hosting and domain name

  • VA fees / salary only cover the VA's salary and TPVA management fees. The fee does not cover marketing budgets, ad spend, postage costs and other marketing expenses.

  • Client must have own subscription and access to lead generation platforms such as Nimbus, Land Insight, Property Data etc.

  • Client must have own services set up if outbound telephony services are required

  • Client must have own account set up for remote postage services such as stannp

  • Minimum commitment is required because marketing activities take time to build traction

  • Proof of funds required to show ad campaign affordability

  • TPVA ad campaign managers will always be taking a data-led approach for ad spending - allocating the marketing budget only on campaigns that are performing well

  • Due diligence carried out by the VA must be treated as FIRST STAGE due diligence. The VAs due diligence calculations does not constitute investment advice.

  • Property Acquisitions VAs are not trained to solve distressed vendor problems and will NOT be looking after offer negotiations and creative financing and purchasing solutions.

  • Investor pack templates are included for the VA to fill in the headline figures. Some information such as investment offering, information about the business, power team and experience may need to be filled in by the client. The risk analysis section can only be filled in by the client, NOT the VA. The default graphic design and layout of the investment pack may be edited to match the client's branding. Any major redesigning of the graphics and layout will NOT be the responsibility of the VA.


  • 10 hours is valid for 1 calendar month

  • 10 hours allocated cannot be carried over to the next month

  • A maximum of 5 hours per day may be used up

  • There is no minimum notice period for providing instructions. However to avoid disappointment, the more time you allow to notify the VA of a task request, the more time the VA has to prepare to execute the task.

  • Client is responsible to provide as clear instructions as possible to avoid mistakes, inefficiency and miscommunication. we suggest the following format for providing ad hoc task instructions:

    • The goal of the task

    • Clear step by step instructions - if possible send instructions in video recordings*​

    • All access details and permissions the VA will require

    • Clear time allocation (ex do not spend more than 15 min on x task)

  • *Please note, requiring the VA to watch video instructions will be deducted from the 10 hours allocation

  • Client may not always be assigned the same VA for ad hoc tasks

 Money Back Guarantee 



The Property VA Ltd. (TPVA Ltd) guarantees to refund 100% of virtual assistant fees incurred for a maximum of 6 months' total fees if the client does not receive 20 genuine DTV qualified leads per month after 4 months' of campaigning under the following conditions:


  • The client agrees to a minimum of 6 month's traction building campaign through paid advertising on at least 1 platform (currently only supporting Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok).

  • The client must have a minimum average monthly spend of £500 / month on any ONE platform. The refund guarantee does not cover ad budget spend / marketing costs.



  • The refund guarantee does not cover other marketing activities and campaign strategies.

  • TPVA Ltd will not undertake negotiations with sellers.

  • TPVA Ltd does NOT guarantee a qualified lead will accept negotiations and offers conducted by the client.

  • TPVA Ltd does NOT guarantee any of the leads constitute an investment opportunity.

  • TPVA Ltd offers no guarantee of earnings or success through tasks delegated to the VA including but not limited to lead generation services.

  • TPVA Ltd nor any of its employees or representatives are qualified to provide financial or legal advice. Any communication or information from TPVA Ltd or its employees or representatives should not be construed as such.

  • TPVA Ltd cannot be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of a failure to take legal or professional advice.

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