• Cristina Osborne

Why Choose Filipino VAs

Filipino VAs work.

I mean, not just that they do the work that you ask them to do, but that hiring Filipinos work as a strategy to grow your business more quickly!

Choosing a Filipino VA has the following benefits:

LANGUAGE - English is NOT a foreign language to Filipinos. Filipinos are multi-lingual and English is a second language spoken side by side native languages.

SKILLS & EDUCATION - Filipinos are educated, competent and easy to train!

ATTITUDES TOWARD WORK- Filipinos are driven, ambitious and hard working.

CULTURAL TRAITS - Filipinos are naturally friendly, good natured and agreeable.

Last but not the least (drumroll...)

You should choose a Filipino because It is EXPENSIVE......

That's right! IT. IS. EXPENSIVE....

....NOT to hire a Filipino!

If you paid yourself to do what you can outsource to a Filipino, it will cost you at least 10X in hourly wages!

So, be smart, #thinkrich and hire a #FilipinoVA

So if you are thinking of hiring one, get in touch. I am a Filipina property investor based in the UK and I have a great network of hard-working and talented Filipino VAs!

Watch me explain in more detail in the video below (click on link):

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