• Cristina Osborne

What is Kita Kita all about?

Kita, the word behind my business name, is a Filipino word that means a few things: you, me, us, we, see, meet, profit and gain! Talk about a minefield of getting lost in translation! That's precisely what I want you to avoid when it comes to finding a Filipino VA.

Yes, Filipino VAs are easy to find, but finding a good one, a great one even, and a trustworthy one is a minefield more hazardous than just language barriers!

At Kita Kita, we believe that finding Filipino VAs for outsourcing business tasks should be fun, safe and easy - so we do the vetting and matching so you don't have to go in blind searching through hundreds of CVs!

Hiring the right VA can help landlords and small business owners grow their business by carrying out systemised tasks to free up time for landlords to focus on their investments. Industry leaders know the best place to find VAs who tick all the boxes in terms of work ethics, talent, language, professionalism and cost is in the Philippines.

So do get in touch, we'd love to learn more about you and your business and how Kita Kita can find you the perfect Filipino VA solution for your business.

Watch me explain more in detail about Kita Kita in the video below.

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