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30 Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

So recently I did a #30daychallenge and post: #30taskstodelegate to a #virtualassistant

That's 1 task per day for the next 30 days.

What will the task look like?

Well, here's a recap of the 3 questions to ask yourself to identify what tasks you can delegate:

Q1 - Is it something you HATE doing?

Replying to social media comments?

Transcribing meeting notes?

CRM data entering?

Whatever it is, it can be delegated to a VA. If you are finding your time being wasted on things that you HATE doing instead of being excited about your business, it's time to find yourself a fantastic virtual assistant.

Q2 - Is it something you DON't know how to do?

Don't know how to use CANVA?

Create an eBook?

Monitor a social media ad campaign?

Then simply, you shouldn't be doing this yourself. I can find you a VA with the skills that YOU don't have and take care of these for you at less than £15 a DAY!

Q3 - Is it something you SHOULDN'T be doing?

Should you really be managing your inbox yourself?

... responding to airbnb questions yourself?

... booking repairs with tradesmen yourself?

You could, if you want to pay yourself £15 a day, or you could be doing work that pays you a lot more.

Find a talented Filipino VA for only £15 a day!

Visit my website:

Watch my challenge intro video below:

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