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We will build a pipeline for you to help
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Why You Can't Seem to Find BMV Property Deals

If you're only looking for property deals using Rightmove and Zoopla, you're viewing the same properties as hundreds of other investors. Having lots of competition means less chances of finding a deal. 


When you don't know HOW to find deals it really doesn't matter what you do and how many times you do it. Just as it's easier to find a place with a map, it's easier to find BMV deals with a strategy to identify who is motivated to sell, where to find them and how to reach them.


Why did your leafletting campaign not work? Why did your local newspaper ad not work? Why did your Facebook ad not work? Most likely you only did one or two campaigns and STOPPED. Success depends on consistency of effort, not a stop and start approach.


Do you remember when to follow up on an offer you made two weeks ago? Do you keep track of the properties in your pipeline? Do you even have a pipeline? Without steps to follow, when do you know what to do next? Systems provide an organized method to arrive at a goal.


How The Property VA Can Help:


Direct To Vendor

Our promise is simple, we ONLY ever go direct to vendor when we find property deals for our clients. In this way, our clients are assured of not having to compete on PRICE and availability of property deals.​​


We use a variety lead generation strategies to  find the highest concentration of motivated sellers. We also employ the power of social media and SEO to find off-market properties.



When we offer a monthly subscription to provide the best chances of success for our clients with consistent campaigns and scheduled follow ups of the campaigns.



At The Property VA we follow a step by step process in lead generation, direct marketing and tracking of campaigns. We keep the client up to date with each progress.



At The Property VA, we believe that systemised, consistent marketing offers the best results in building up a steady pipeline of BMV DTV property deals.

When we offer a monthly subscription, we provide the best chances of success for our clients as we are not only able to provide the leads, but also systemise the lead generation with Follow Up Campaigns.

See the options for subscriptions below:

Monthly Fee


Monthly Fee


Monthly Fee



Prospecting Service:
Lead Generation
Data Scraping
Pipeline building

Campaigning Service*:
Direct Mail Marketing (Mail merge)
Text campaigns

Post Card campaigns

Lead Nurture Service:
GDPR and ICO compliant
Follow up marketing campaigns

How Does It Work?


Fact Find






Follow Up

You tell us what properties you're looking for, what your investment strategy is, your budget, investment area, etc.

Choose your subscription package. You can upgrade, downgrade and cancel your subscription package at any time.

We commence the lead generation and start filling up your campaign through direct mailing campaigns & Facebook campaigns (not available for all packages).

We will track and follow up your leads in the weeks that follow and we will forward any responses to you for you to take through your sales and negotiations process.

​*All subscriptions EXCLUDE all marketing costs such as the printing and postage costs of the remote mailing campaign services and texting services. These will be invoiced separately. Letters will cost an additional 55-65p +VAT, and texts at 4-6p per text.

*Phone call enquiries are included in the above packages.

​​*We can only accept one client per requirement per area or neighborhood depending on the density of population and housing stock.

*Number of leads will be dependent on your area

*Number of leads does not equal number of enquiries

*Number of enquiries are not guaranteed

*We offer a lead generation service, not a property sourcing service

*You are outsourcing your marketing activity to us, not your sales process


What are you REALLY doing to find property deals? If you're frustrated with the progress you are making in property, it is good to know a very simple formula for success.

The simple success formula goes like this:

The Right Stuff x Massive Action x Consistency = SUCCESS!

A. The Right Stuff: What strategies are you using to FIND deals? Are you marketing to find landlords and motivated sellers, or are you simply relying on estate agents who have 100s of other competing property investors more ready than you are to buy properties?

B. Massive Action: Really, how MANY leads do you have in your pipeline that you can call tomorrow. Some say you should be making 50 offers a month. While we at The Property VA don't always agree that figure is right, the idea behind it is that property is a numbers game. So, while "massive" can be subjective, only you can be honest with yourself and admit you're not doing enough.

C. Consistency: You may be marketing (Right Stuff, tick!), building up your leads funnel (Massive Action, tick!), but if you don't follow through, or only do it for a month then GIVE UP, then mathematically if consistency equals ZERO, the success formula dictates you will also end up, as usual, without a property deal.

Does the above sound familiar?

It's time to stop making excuses and actually start finding those deals. The Property VA can help you find your next (or FIRST!) below market value, direct to vendor, property deal using a variety of lead generation strategies.

We do the Right Stuff so you can take Massive Action, and working together we can help you CONSISTENTLY generate those leads to you.

Property success is a numbers game.

If you're not marketing,

you're NOT getting the deals.

Need help finding your next BMV Property deal?

If you think your business can benefit from a system of consistent monthly lead generation to find BMV DTV property deals, use any of the methods below to get in touch and we'll take you through you the next steps.

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