Subscription Fees:

At The Property VA, we believe that systemised, consistent marketing offers the best results in consistenly finding BMV DTV property deals.

When we offer a monthly subscription, we provide the best chances of success for our clients as we are not only able to provide the leads, but also systemise the lead generation with Follow Up Campaigns.

See the options for subscriptions below:


Monthly Fee


Monthly Fee


Monthly Fee


All subscription levels include the following:

  • Unlimited number of leads data scraped

  • All lead generation strategies employed

  • Fully managed DTV marketing campaigns
  • Unlimited minutes for enquiries calling the central contact number

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*All subscriptions EXCLUDE all marketing costs such as the printing and postage costs of the remote mailing campaign services and texting services. These will be invoiced separately. Letters will cost an additional 55-65p +VAT, and texts at 4-6p per text.

*Phone call enquiries are included in the above packages.

​*We can only accept one client per requirement per area or neighborhood depending on the density of population and housing stock.

What next?

If you think your business can benefit from a system of consistent monthly lead generation to find BMV DTV property deals, use any of the methods below to get in touch and we'll take you through you the next steps.

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