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FAQs in relation to paying a hired VA

How much should I pay the VA?


The VA's salary will depend on 3 things: the role the VA is applying for, the VA's own experience and skill sets, and whether the position is a full time role or part time role. The Property VA can recommend the following salary levels (see below), however the VA's actual salary will be negotiated between the client and the VA during the interview process.

Salary Recommendations:


Our salary recommendations for the following roles are:

General Administration including Admin roles such as social media management, data scraping, lead generation and basic bookkeeping:

  • Part Time: £250 - 285

  • Full Time: £350 - £400

Administration + A specialist skill including SEO, digital marketing, advanced bookkeeping, video editing, website design and management, etc:

  • Part Time: £300 - £425

  • Full Time: £400 - £600

Should I pay the VA in £ GBP or Philippine Pesos (Php)?


I recommend that during negotiations of the VA's salary that you use £ GBP, you may want to translate this later in Pesos during the signing of the service contract so that you pay in Philippine Pesos. The reason I recommend paying in Philippine pesos is because of possible volatility of the British Pound/Sterling. In this way the VA is protected from unfavourable foreign exchange rates. This is ultimately an insurance for you, as the client, against the VA looking for better paying work elsewhere. Alternatively, you may want to include a clause in the contract to adjust the salary if paying in British Pounds should the pound fall in value against the Philippine peso.

What's the best way to send payment to the Philippines?


There are a few options available to UK based clients sending money to bank accounts in the Philippines, the most common options include: Transferwise, Paypal, Western Union, and a standard international bank transfers. I personally use Transferwise and have recommended the same to my clients because of the speed and the favourable rates and fees. (I do not receive any commission for this recommendation.)

Should I use an escrow service?


Using an escrow service is the most secure way for both the client and the VA to exchange fees and services - one party is assured that work gets delivered, and the other party is assured that payment will be received. The drawback for using an escrow service is the cost involved with the arbitration and transfer of funds. Please see the next question on terms of payment.

What should be the Terms of Payment / When should I pay the VA?


The Terms of Payment or when you sohuld pay the VA is ultimately down to the client and the VA negotiating what works best for both. You may agree to the following terms:

Full payment at the end of the month

Full payment at the start of the month

Full payment at the end of every 15 days/2 weeks

Full payment at the start of every 15 days/2 weeks

Always ask for an invoice from your VA for every agreed period for your own bookkeeping and accounting purposes.



Charges and Fees for using the service of The Property VA

How much do you charge to help me find a VA?


The Property VA will charge a flat 15% fee on the monthly salary. This fee covers finding a VA that matches your requirements, and providing weekly training and support. Training topics covered are limited to lead generation strategies and pipeline building.

How do I pay The Property VA's fees?


A recurring invoice will be created and sent to the client's preferred email address. The client will only need to set up the payment once and the payment will be automatically deducted in subsequent months.

Is there a minimum contract?


There is a minimum 6 month contract for any in-house virtual assistant hire, with a 1 month break clause for the first month which will be treated as the probation period. The client will not be allowed to hire the same virtual assistant should he/she terminate the contract after 6 months until after a 12 month period.



How does it work?

Should I use a No-Hire VA instead of a Full or Part-time Virtual Assistant?

There are many advantages of hiring an In-House VA:
1. Like for like, the hourly rates are better
2. You can delegate a variety of tasks to the VA beyond lead generation and data scraping
3. You get to select the VA who you will be working with for the medium to long term basis
4. Working with an In-House VA allows you to build a closer working relationship with the VA who will develop a better understanding of your business
5. As a property investor, you can be very specific about the lead generation strategy that you train your VA to do.

The drawbacks with hiring an In-House VA / the advantages of using a No_hire VA:
1. While hourly rates are better with an In-house VA, the total monthly outlay is higher than using a bolt-on VA
2. Delegating a variety of tasks would mean you will spend some time (usually the first 2 weeks) training the VA to learn how you do things in your business
3. The recruitment process can be time-consumming and will require extra thought processes that you might not have space for just at the moment
4. Taking on any staff and adding any team member will always require extra attention from you away from your business. The idea is that this time should be less than having to do the work yourself, but understand that people working under you will always involve some management from your part.
5. The Property VA does provide weekly training and support, but these are limited to lead generation strategies and pipeline building.

To summarize, a No_hire virtual assistant is a great first step for most solopreneurs and small businesses not used to hiring and recruitment to start delegating and off-loading some tasks as this requires no recruitment processes, no management and no training on the part of the business. The leads generated by a bolt-on VA is sufficient on its own for either someone just starting up as a property investor, or someone more advanced in their property journey and merely wants an additional funnel for leads.




Contracts, Hours, Holidays etc.

Do I need to offer an employment contract?

Employment laws in the UK do not apply to the Philippines and vice versa. Therefore you are not employing a VA but contracting a service provider to carry out outsourced services and solutions for your business. The service contract will be between you, the client, and the VA, the service provider.


Do you a Service Contract template I can use?

Yes, you may use The Property VA template as a STARTING POINT to create the service contract that suits your requirements, and addresses your business concerns.

How many hours per day & days per week would the VA be working for me?

This depends on whether you have hired a Full Time or a Part Time VA. Full time VAs normally work for 8 hours a day, and Part Time VAs normally work 4 hours a day. The VA does not need to work straight hours and can carry out the delegated tasks in hours outside of UK office time. Please see next questions below regarding time zones.

Time Zones and Working Hours:


The client and the VA will discuss the agreed working times. We recommend that clients take advantage of the fact that the Philippine timezone is 7/8* hours ahead. The VA can start working before UK working hours, but it is recommended that you set a default hour and/or day of the week when you're both online to work simultaneously or to hold meetings.

*The Philippines is 7 hours ahead during SUMMER time and 8 hours ahead during WINTER when Daylight Savings Time is followed.

Do I have to pay for holidays, sick leaves and other absences?


No, as part of our service contract, you will be guaranteed the number of working hours that is included in your contract. Should your VA be unable to work due to illness or some other reason, we can help you or the VA find a replacement VA to cover the absence if it's an extensive period of time. The client will need to pay the replacement VA separately from the in-house VA's salary. For this the client will need to recover or deduct un-paid for hours from the VA's salary. The temp VA's fees will be matched pro-rata / the same hourly rate as the in-house VA.

​Do I have to pay for the VAs equipment and internet provisions, etc?


The great thing about outsourcing to a virtual assistant is that you do NOT need to pay for equipment and internet as you would a normal employee. Having said this, if the role requires specialist equipment and software such as video editing, VOIP phone services, or a professional microphone/audio equipment, this would fall under the client's business expense and should be covered by the client.

On an important note, the client may want to invest in security software to be installed on the VA's laptops/computers such as multi-user anti-viral software, password and security software, and such like.

Any paid-for software services that the client will need for his/her business that the VA will need access to as part of his/her delegated tasks should be paid for by the client. This can include premium apps, collaborating platforms, and any specialist information and membership access websites, etc.

Should I pay my VA a bonus?


Bonuses and other performance based rewards are at the discretion of the client. It is standard practice for employees in the Philippines to receive a 13th month bonus at the end of the year. If you would like to offer a bonus or performance based reward to your VA, you may want to include this in the service contract. There is no fee to be paid to The Property VA for any bonuses.


What next?

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