The Property VA uses a team of property virtual assistants to carry out systemised monthly lead generation strategies to help you find below market value (BMV) direct to vendor (DTV) property deals.

We identify sources online where we might find motivated sellers and we send out a direct mailing campaign and conduct a series of follow up campaigns.

Sources can be from probate listings, unsold auctions, sold subject to contract listings, portfolio landlords, and even land development opportunities where we can data scrape properties and land with or without planning applications.

We offer this service as a monthly subscription because like all marketing activities you need consistency and systemisation for the best chances of success.


Subscription packages start from £50 / month for 30 leads.

The Monthly Subscription Fees

At The Property VA, we believe that systemised, consistent marketing offers the best results in consistenly finding BMV DTV property deals.

When we offer a monthly subscription, we provide the best chances of success for our clients as we are not only able to provide the leads, but also systemise the lead generation with Follow Up Campaigns.

See the options for subscriptions below:

*All subscriptions EXCLUDE all marketing costs such as the printing and postage costs of the remote mailing campaign services and texting services. These will be invoiced separately.

​*Follow up campaigns are generally scheduled 6 to 8 weeks after the first campaign. This can be altered/adjusted as per request.

*Goldmine Areas are limited to 1 postal outcode per subscription. Ex - N9 is one postal outcode.

​*We can only accept one client per requirement per Goldmine area. For example, if we already have a subscribed client looking for commercial to residential leads in N9, we can no longer accept another client looking for the same leads in N9.

*There is NO MINIMUM contract. However please note that when you cancel we can no longer carry out a follow up campaign for you and we might take up a new subscribed client to take over the leads in your Goldmine area.

Need to mine several postcodes at once?

Please speak to us to discuss a bespoke "Bulk Mining" quote combining several postcodes or general areas. Depending on the density of the area, we may even be able to reserve entire cities/towns to mine exclusively for you. Bulk mining starts from £150 for 100 leads.

How long does it take to get home sellers
to respond to marketing campaigns?

Just to give you an idea, it takes 3 months of leafletting 1000 leaflets 3x a month at a cost of £350 per 1000 leaflets before someone gives you a call. Depending on your strategy and the properties you are looking for, it can roughly take about 2 to 3 months for direct mailing campaigns to get responses, and 1 to 2 months for Facebook advertising campaigns to get replies.

How do you find the leads?

We use a variety of lead generation strategies to find off market property deals depending on the investment strategy that you want to embark on. Our most common strategies are:

  • We find motivated home sellers using the SSTC strategy, probate properties and unsold lots at auction

  • We find motivateds landlords gathering information data scraping from HMO rental websites

  • We find motivated developers data scraping from planning portals

Contact us to find out more about our strategies.

Watch the Replay:

How to find BMV Properties using a lead generation Property VA:

(Video runs for 1 hour and 1 minute long)

Does 100 leads mean I will get 100 calls?

No, leads refers to your entire pool of potential customers. Just like you don't expect 100 homeowners who received your leaflet through the door to give you a call, a 100 data scraped leads simply means 100 potential customers have been identified and have been contacted by The Property VA.

How many deals can I expect from 100 leads?

When we generate leads for you, we give you the details of a pool of potential customers (motivated homesellers, landlords, developers, etc). You or your sales team then takes over with your sales process. So the matter of an actual close or negotation of sale is dependent on you and/or your sales team, not the lead generation process. This includes how you build rapport with the seller, what solutions you offer, how you negotiate, and how you follow up leads.

I've not received any calls from the leads.

Lead generation is a continuous marketing activity that requires consistency as well as monitoring. Consistency, as mentioned in the success formula, simply means not dropping your efforts just because you have not seen an instant result. Having said that, monitoring your campaigns is always a wise move. Did you identify the right area and property type that you have instructed us to data scrape for? For example, we had a client who asked us to data scrape a post code in Peterborough. It turns out that area were predominantly let to council tenants and therefore his letters were opened and thrown in the bin as they were not "selling their home".

What next?

If you think your business can benefit from a system of consistent monthly lead generation to find BMV DTV property deals, use any of the methods below to get in touch and we'll take you through you the next steps.

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