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The Property VA Virtual Assistant Assistance Services Filipino VAs.png

Virtual Admin Team
For Agents

  • Office administration 

  • Social media management 

  • Bookkeeping

TRANSFORM YOUR Branch  with an agile virtual team  on just  £5k / year 

Meeting at office

Can we  COMPLEMENT  your office based and in-house staff with a 

Virtual Power Team?

No-recruitment and no minimum contract virtual admin teams to help increase your branch's productivity, scalability and revenue with the following property virtual assistant specialists:

 Office Administration 

 Social Media & Digital Marketing




Our virtual assistants are trained to support Estate Agents and Lettings Agents run their operations more cost effectively to increase productivity and revenue with:

supported onboarding
seamless integration
flexible non-permanent contracts
 low value task outsourcing 

pick & choose your VIrtual team

Office Administration


Part Time Admin VA
Monthly Salary

Social Media
& Digital Marketing


Freelance VA
Monthly Salary

Bookkeeping & Accounts


Part Time Bookkeeping VA
Hourly Rate

Pay your estate agency team to
 close instructions 
don't pay them to do admin.

do more of the stuff that brings in revenue

Office Night Shift

Why work with
 The Property VA 

Four reasons why working with The Property VA will give you the confidence with your goal of recruiting and integrating a Virtual Business Support team to complement your office-based staff:

1. connection & Access

We don't just partner with an overseas agent who sources talent for us. We ARE both the local and overseas in-house team. Our founders are both British and Philippine nationals who have connection and access to a pool of IT skilled and talented virtual assistants who have been checked, vetted and trained ready to work for your business.

2. we bridge two worlds

We like to think our SUPER POWER that your business can benefit from is our home grown connection between the UK and the Philippines. We bridge 2 worlds, 2 languages, 2 cultures and 2 industries while remaining LOCAL so that you only ever have to deal with a UK based business.

3. Guided Onboarding

The last thing your branch needs when changing into a hybrid office model is a messy start. We promise our clients a stress-free guided onboarding for a seamless integration to the business's existing operations. We will work with your office managers to plan and execute a smooth and orderly running start for the virtual team members.

4. By Your Side

Unlike recruitment agencies that disappear after the new staff starts their role, we've only just started our service with you. We promise to stay with you for the life of our virtual assistants being part of your business. We believe the key in maintaing a successful service and outstanding delivery is our commitment to always be by our clients side.

What our Clients Say

"I wanted to give testimony to Cristina Osborne for finding us the most amazing virtual assistant. It's changed my life in just a few weeks. Should've done it a few years ago. If you are doing anything less than whatever price you want to charge an hourly rate for then you should be delegating it out. Speak to Cristina, she manages the process, she sources the VAs. It's leveraged so much of my time. Not only that, I'm achieving stuff I wasn't achieving before in my business. It's just a no-brainer."

Andy Gwynn, Business Owner & Property Investor

The Property VA Filipino Virtual Assistants Administration Admin Administrative Assistance
clent testimonal

Murray Wilkinson

Andy Gwynn

Manny Agalamanyi

What our VAs Say

"On a daily basis I manage administrative tasks for the service accommodation properties of my clients. Whenever I have a technical question Cristina is always there to assist me." - Joanna Go Reyes

Virtual assistant business support Testimonial The Property VA.png

Edith Cervantes

Joanna Go Reyes

Din Esclamado

Deciding what not to do
is as important as deciding what to do.

Steve Jobs

Why Outsource
With The Property VA?

Cultural Connection
Industry experience

The Property VA was founded by seasoned UK Property Investors with cultural backgrounds in the Philippines. This gives us the distinct advantage of bridging both sides of the equation to build a great outsourcing relationship with a highly skilled overseas virtual staff with real estate businesses in the UK.

We strongly believe that the best way to work with a virtual team that helps grow your business is to go beyond seeing their service on a transactional basis. With The Property VA's cultural connections and understanding, your UK based operations are in good hands to receive the nuanced support that NO other outsourcing company can ever provide.

Why go Virtual Staffing?


Virtual Staffing

Office-based Staff

  • No recruitment process and fees

  • No employment contract

  • Hire as needed, or scale back when not required

  • No severance & redundancy payment

  • No equipment to purchase

  • No office furniture and additional rental space

  • No NI and PAYE

  • No holidays, leaves and absence payments

  • Service is based on TASKS accomplished, not time clocked in

  • Costly & time-consumming recruitment

  • Min contracts and notice periods

  • Long, drawn-out process to hire and fire staff

  • Redundancy and severance payment expected

  • IT equipment is expected to be provided

  • Costly office furniture and additional rental space

  • Additional expense to the business

  • Additional expense to the business

  • Staff down time costs 2-3 hours a day on average

How does it work?

Step 1:

Step 2:
service proposal

Step 3:
contract signing

Step 4:

Step 5:

service commences

Lead time between contract signing and onboarding will typically be 7-10 working days depending on the size of the size / number of appointed virtual assistants to be deployed.

Your on-site staff are irreplaceable.

How much time do low value tasks take up your agents' day?

1 Hour? Maybe 2, maybe 4?

They could be spending that time closing instructions instead.

Elevate their role in the business.

of going



You need competent VAs who you do not need to manage at a reasonable cost today!

You do not have time to train or create systems to be able to hire and work with VAs.

You have no idea how to find or work with virtual assistants from the Philippines.

You have had a disappointing experience working with VAs before.

You need an agile, competent team to support your day to day business operations.

You need your office-based staff and agents to devote more time and resources to high-value tasks.

Transform your operations with The Property VA

Get your virtual team Today!

The Property VA Filipino Virtual Assistants Administration Admin Administrative Assistance


Property VAs

We have virtual assistants trained to carry out specific tasks in the following areas:

  • Office Administration

    • Filing and documentation​

    • Tenant and landlord customer service

    • Supplier, trades and repairs coordination

    • Data entry, transcription, data scraping

    • Contracts administration

    • Ad hoc administrative tasks

  • Social Media Content Creation and Management

    • Content creation, posting and scheduling​

    • SM Profile optimisation

    • Target audience building and engagement

    • Digital Marketing, SEO

    • Funnel campaign management

    •  Email campaigns management

    • CRM / Database and pipeline management

  • Bookkeeping

    • Ageing reports

    • Profit and loss

    • Invoicing and payments

    • Payroll

    • Taxes and VAT

    • Bank reconciliations

The Property VA Filipino Virtual Assistants Administration Admin Administrative Assistance
The Property VA Virtual Assistant Assistance Services Filipino VAs.png



Property VA Services cover

  • Office Administration

  • Social Media & Digital Marketing

  • Bookkeeping

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